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Spanish Moss Creative encapsulates the ongoing work of Olivia Motley as she splits her life between Spain and New Orleans. This multi-media endeavor celebrates nature, place, and love stories. 

- About Olivia -

Olivia has spent the last 7 years living between the EU and the US, looking for the elusive concept of home. After 16 months being totally nomadic in a campervan across Europe, she is now once again spending most of her time in Spain while maintaining a strong connection to Louisiana. She is searching for community and for more gentle ways of living in balance with this wide world around us.


She has always been inspired by place and whimsy with an unquenchable curiosity for experiencing the world in all its specificity. When she's not traveling or painting, you can find her being a snail mail enthusiast, gardening, cooking, spending time in nature, or costuming.

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